Deploy with confidence.

Deploy anything on your own infrastructure with ease. This documentation will show you how to configure your application to work with


Welcome to

Instellar is a continuous deployment platform that will enable you to setup and deploy apps into your own platform as a service.

You will be able to setup your own Platform as a Service in a consistent manner without needing any complex tools. This documentation will guide you to quickly setup your own servers for simple single server deployments all the way to multi machine cluster that can scale to infinity and beyond.

If you need a quick support and would like to chat you can join our slack group.


This documentation currently covers the below listed providers, however if you’re feeling like experimenting you can try any S3 compatible object storage. You’ll need to setup the storage bucket in your service provider dashboard before continuing on

However you can choose to use your own object store of choice as long as it has S3 compatible API. Once you’ve setup your storage you’ll need to input it into instellar.

Setup a cluster

Setting up your own cluster is easy and straight forward. It can be done in < 10 minutes. We’ve created terraform modules to make this easy for you to setup. Checkout the videos below to see how we do this.

The video below will show you an example of how to use our terraform module to setup your own servers.

Programming Languages

Below are the list of languages we currently support. We’re currently working on expanding our support to other language and framework. If you don’t see your specific language and framework listed below feel free to reach out and let us know

If you have further suggestions on how we can make this better please don't hesitate to open an issue. Or reach out to us via one of our support channels. If you need a quick support and would like to chat you can join our slack group.