The new way to package and deploy apps in one step

Deploy straight to the infra of your choice. Instellar containerizes and deploys in less than 5 minutes. You can focus on shipping.

Currently works with:
variable "aws_access_key" {}
variable "aws_secret_key" {}
locals {
// replace with your cluster name
cluster_name = "<replace with cluster name>"
provider_name = "aws"
module "compute" {
source = "upmaru/instellar/aws"
version = "~> 0.4"
access_key = var.aws_access_key
secret_key = var.aws_secret_key
cluster_name = local.cluster_name
node_size = "t3a.medium"
cluster_topology = [
// replace name of node with anything you like
// you can use 01, 02 also to keep it simple.
{ id = 1, name = "01", size = "t3a.medium" },
{ id = 2, name = "02", size = "t3a.medium" },
volume_type = "gp3"
storage_size = 40
ssh_keys = [
"<add your ssh key name>"
variable "instellar_auth_token" {}
module "instellar" {
source = "upmaru/bootstrap/instellar"
version = "~> 0.3"
auth_token = var.instellar_auth_token
cluster_name = local.cluster_name
region = module.compute.region
provider_name = local.provider_name
cluster_address = module.compute.cluster_address
password_token = module.compute.trust_token
bootstrap_node = module.compute.bootstrap_node
nodes = module.compute.nodes

Deploy apps on your servers easily!

Develop and push to github and deploy on your own hardware or cloud of your choice.

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Everything you need

At your fingertips

Deploy, Scale, Manage every aspect of your installation with ease.

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Push to deploy.
Push your code to github and instellar deploys your application to your PaaS seamlessly.
SSL certificates.
If you deploy uplink to your cluster (optional), you also get SSL certificate issuing out of the box.
Environment variables.
Environment variables are automatically decrypted and injected to your app at runtime.

Deploy without fear

Fully visible in Real-Time

Seeing is believing. Having full visibility into what's happening in your system is essential to deploying with confidence.

Fully auditable.
See who is making changes to your system in real-time.
Built for collaboration.
Invite your team to help you manage and deploy apps to your PaaS.
Real-time Logs.
When there is a change happening all the logs are stored so you can go back and see what happened.
Instance audit trail

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