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Announcing Instellar Private Beta

We’ve worked hard on overhauling the UI to make it more user friendly. During the alpha we collected a lot of feedback, we’ve implemented some of the most requested features / bug fixes in this release.

  • New deployment engine that will serve as the foundation for building a better way to deploy
  • Internals now use formation library to reduce code duplication
  • All timestamps now infer the timezone from the browser and automatically make the timestamps local

New Installation page

Installation Page

Installations are the way we control how our packages get installed on the platform. In the alpha the installation scaling would go according to how many nodes are running in the cluster. In this release we’re allowing you to control how many instances of a given application you wish to run.

  • Users can now control scaling on the installation page
  • Real-time event streams

New Instance page

Instance Page

We’ve re-worked the instance page to make it more useful. Some of the key features on this page include

  • Users can now deactivate / upgrade an instance from the instance dropdown menu
  • Users can now see the log for each instance clearly laid out
  • All events on instances are now updated on the ui in real-time

User Management

User access management

During the alpha we needed a more flexible way to manage user access. We took this as feedback and build a user access management page.

  • Organization owner and producers can now manage each user access and control which users have access to which package

  • Owners can transfer ownership to another user in the organization

Instellar Updates

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