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3.3.0 Notable Changes

This release marks a huge milestone in our platform. We’ve introduced a lot of new features under the hood to support more automation. This means developers can get to deploying applications much quicker.

Provisioning Automation API

We’ve implemented a new set of APIs that is designed to work with our terraform provider. This means you can create custom terraform modules to personalize your setup or use our pre-configured modules to get up and running quickly. You can see the automation in action in the example below.

automated provisioning

This means we would also need to have some mechanism to enable users to be able to manage their own credentials.

Credentials Management

User will now have access to the credentials section. This means owners and producers of a given organization can issue new API Tokens to be used for automated provisioning. Let’s take a look:

credentials management

new credential form

Users have the choice of choosing which type of token to generate, we currently support 2 types as of this moment

  • Provisioning - This token is designed to be used for automated provisioning and has access to endpoints tha will enable cluster setup.

  • Publishing - This token is designed to be used with version control / CI / CD systems that need to publish packages to instellar.

Users will also have the ability to choose an expiry period for the token.

Should a given token need to be revoked the user also has the ability to delete the token.

new credential form

This gives users full automation control over their infrastructure setup. We’re planning on adding more features to our provisioning API to enable even more automation.

Real-Time Updates on Installations

Previously when upgrades or bootstrapping happens on a given installation there would be a delay between the update and when a given installation is mark as synced. We believe having real-time feedback of what’s happening inside your platform is important. We’ve made it all real-time.

new credential form

New Product Demo

We’ve also released a new video that highlights the automated provisioning and setup. In the video we show you how easy it is to setup your own developer platform and deploy applications to it.

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