Github Integration

Installing the Github Application

You can use the link in the instellar dashboard to install the github application on your github account. Click on the Install App button.

install github app

You will be taken to the github app page which looks something like this

github app

You should be able to click install or configure. You can choose which organization and repository to install the github app. You can click on each organization to choose which repository the app will have access to.

github install configure

First time install

If this is the first time you are installing github app on a given organization you will see the following:

choose repository

Once you authorize the app install on your organization and repositories you should see it show up in

pending github app

Choose the organization you wish to connect and hit Save. You will see the connect button.

connect github repository

Hit connect and instellar will automatically configure your github organization for instellar. If you’re happy with your selection you can move on to the next section.

Configure existing install


This section is useful for adding new repository access after you have already installed the github app.

If you’re configuring an existing repository you should see something like the following:

configure existing

Choose the new repository you wish to add. Once you’re done hit Save and you should be able to see these repository on instellar.

If you have further suggestions on how we can make this better please don't hesitate to open an issue. Or reach out to us via one of our support channels. If you need a quick support and would like to chat you can join our slack group.